This is an introduction to a several unplanned series of pieces on body image. We all have a self-image we covet, we desire to be leaner or fuller, taller or more petite, fairer or more tan, and more; these desires are influenced by the transient landscape of fashion and the unbendable tastes of society.

There is large outcry, and rightly so, against a single ideal of beauty, mostly because there is no single ideal of beauty. The debates on beauty are never conclusive, hence there is a need to address unhealthy obsessions that stem from unrealisable aspirations. I have always found solace in self-acceptance, rather than self-love; the latter always seemed patronising.

As a self-aware individual, self-love seems foolish to me, there are several things I wish to change about myself – externally and internally. From being smarter and more careful, to being fairer and leaner, nothing about myself measures upto the standards I set for myself. Thus, self-love is for those who refuse accept their flaws, but I accept myself and when I do not measure upto my standards, I accept that ‘This is the best it is going to get.’


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